Manifesto Of HonestFood

Honest Food proposes a reconsideration of the existing conventional food production chain, searching for a new middle way between the over-industrialized agriculture and the organic one, which is still far too costly, while suffers uncertainties in the output.

HonestFood will be born as a movement of opinion, with the main goal to return values and value to the food production chain.

The first value shall be Honesty. To recognize fairly the work of all people involved: from those who serve food to the final consumers, back to the farmers who plant the seeds, harvest the crops and take care of their animals. Then comes Respect. Towards the environment, towards animal welfare, towards the work of humans. Last but not least, respect and caretaking for the most treasured asset we have: Health! Ours, and that of the entire Creation!

HonestFoood is the voice of our Earth, which tells about and reminds us the knowledge of our predecessors. HonestFood is the Polaris that shows us the direction. But we are the ones who have to trace, build, walk this road. Each of us. The consumer who selects and purchases in a conscious and consistent way with the world which he would like to build and live in. The retail and catering operators who have the privilege and the responsibility of choosing the products to put on the shelves or the ingredients for the dishes they prepare. But finally, certainly we the farmers, breeders, food artisans and industrialists. We operators, together, should rethink, one step at a time, the methods and the techniques of cultivation, breeding, food processing. Together, we are the first custodians of creation and we have the responsibility of nourishing what Leonardo called the perfect machine. HonestFood is not a destination nor an end point. It is the beginning of a new journey, a movement in constant evolution. We walk to offer humanity good and healthy food at affordable price.


Let’s walk together every day to change the World for the better, with goodness and honesty!

Health requires awareness

Protecting human health is one of the pillars of HonestFood. A healthy society not only costs less to social security, but is happier, more productive, and finally, lives longer.