HonestFood – the solution

How can we supply our consumers with food of sufficient quality and quantity without exploiting animals, destroying the environment, and flooding the shops with cheap but low nutritional value products? HonestFood concept must take over from industrial agriculture the mission it has always fulfilled: to guarantee a stable food supply for all humanity, while ensuring a fair income for all actors in the supply chain.

But we need to incorporate into our concept the commitment of organic farms to nature, with a particular emphasis on protecting the health of people, animals, and our planet.

HonestFood model needs to rethink modern agriculture:

– Accessible and fair: it must be able to guarantee a fair return for all actors in the supply chain, especially producers, while putting quality, healthy food in consumers’ baskets.

– Nature-friendly production: respecting the values of our planet, the health of animals and people.

– Reasonable: it must be able to meet society’s demand for food, avoiding waste and overproduction.

Our aim is to reduce environmental impact, healthier products, and better quality at affordable prices. A healthier, better informed, fitter society.

To make HonestFood not just a slogan, but a reality, we need to study modern technology, the achievements of the fourth industrial revolution, at every stage of the production process! We also need initiatives from the bottom up, involving those who are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the agro industry in the development of the concept! We must avoid falling into the trap that so many of us fall into, namely that of relying on theoreticians with little practical experience to develop the whole concept of HonestFood!

The major players in the food supply chain, the large international retail chains, will play a key role in this process. With great power and influence comes even greater social responsibility, professional thoroughness, and a long-term vision for the future! These players will determine the products on the shelves, the profit margins and thus the prices!

And finally, we, all of us, as consumers, must be involved!

Consumer behaviour is the most powerful tool if we want to make a difference.

We must be informed and act responsibly! We can make better purchasing decisions. There are at least three concrete things we have the power to do, which we can do from today:

– Read labels and ingredient lists!

– Look for fair prices instead of confusing promotions 365 days a year!

– Don’t buy at suspiciously low prices! No price should be so low that it’s worth putting your health and that of your children at risk!

It will not be easy, but I think it is becoming clearer today that we are all, the whole of society, the whole of humanity, paying too high a price for cheap food. We must support change!

Finally, HonestFood concept covers many things, but the most important one can be summed up in one word: Health! Our own health, and the health of all Creation!

Health requires awareness

Protecting human health is one of the pillars of HonestFood. A healthy society not only costs less to social security, but is happier, more productive, and finally, lives longer.