Health requires awareness

Protecting human health is one of the pillars of HonestFood. A healthy society not only costs less to social security, but is happier, more productive, and finally, lives longer.

HonestFood – the solution

How can we supply our consumers with food of sufficient quality and quantity without exploiting animals, destroying the environment, and flooding the shops with cheap but low nutritional value products? HonestFood concept must take over from industrial agriculture the mission it has always fulfilled: to guarantee a stable food supply for all humanity, while ensuring […]

Conventional, over-industrialised food production vs organic farming

Today there are two main systems for processing agricultural products, from producers to consumers. One is semi-industrialised conventional agriculture, and the other is organic farming.   In my view, none of the existing models can meet the food needs of a growing world population in a sustainable, long-term way. None of them guarantees a fair return […]

Manifesto Of HonestFood

Honest Food proposes a reconsideration of the existing conventional food production chain, searching for a new middle way between the over-industrialized agriculture and the organic one, which is still far too costly, while suffers uncertainties in the output. HonestFood will be born as a movement of opinion, with the main goal to return values and […]